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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

The saying April showers, May flowers, may sound redundant, but there is a wisdom to this statement. In order for the seeds we plant to thrive and flourish, we need to make sure that they receive plenty of water and nourishment so that they have the energy to become healthy plants or trees. Human beings are no different. We all need to have our essential needs met in order to flourish and thrive in our own lives. How many people can honestly say their lives reflect this? Most of the people I meet are just going along with the status quo, or mechanically going through the motions of what they have to do. They feel like there is something missing and they don’t exactly know what it is or don’t have time to even think about it. This begins to create imbalance in our minds, emotions, and bodies. Eventually the imbalances will turn up the volume until we pay attention. This can show up in the form of migraines, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, diseases, etc. These are all our body and minds ways to attempt to get our attention. What are our essential needs? Nourishing food, water, regular, consistent quality sleep, enjoyable movement, relaxation, self-care, connection, meaning, sunshine, fresh air, touch, joy/play. Feel free to add to this list.

May is also the month when we celebrate Mother s Day. Many women today are raising children, working, and taking care of household responsibilities, so the whole family can function. The mother is our initial foundation. When the mother is not caring for herself or appreciated and cared for, she becomes imbalanced. This can affect the whole family system. Please take the time to acknowledge, honor, appreciate, and give your support to someone who seems to be carrying it all. Many women may not be mothers, but may be caring for their own parents or someone else’s children, they deserve acknowledgment and appreciation, as well. A mother needs both a consistent self-care routine and a strong support system, in order to thrive. Self-care is not selfish, it is responsible. There are so many ways to implement a self-care routine into your life, even if it starts with 5 minutes a day, just for you.

Moms we need you and we need you to care of yourselves. To those who want to show their appreciation and offer their support to a mother you have or know, giving the gift of a massage can go along way. Health Coaching is another way moms can create support for themselves. As a Health Coach I work with women to help them determine the areas of their life they are wanting to experience more fulfillment in, support them in cultivating healthier relationships with themselves, and their life, and guide them in setting personalized goals in order to create lives that nourish them. Improvement in one area begins to impact the other areas because they are all connected. One example, is when my clients begin to make more nourishing food choices they begin to have more energy, think more clearly, feel better emotionally and physically, and sleep better. Your food choices may be fantastic, but you may feel other areas of your life are being neglected or are not where you’d like them to be. A Health Coach can help support you in strengthening those areas. I always begin where my clients are and go from there. If you are needing additional support in your life and don’t know where to start, sign up for an initial, 60 minute Health coaching Consultation, only $25 this month to determine if Health Coaching is for you. If you need a relaxing massage, we have many amazing massage therapists to choose from! I am looking forward to meeting you and being a support on your journey.