Everyone Deserves to Feel Better.
Eldersburg and Sykesville's first choice for Therapeutic Massage
Located at Liberty Exchange, just off Liberty Road.
Voted Best Massage in 21784!

“This place is a hidden gem in Carroll County.”

“Poopourri saved my marriage.”

“This should be part of Obamacare.”

“I went to Billagio’s in Las Vegas and it wasn’t as good as here. ”

“After finding a lump in my neck, Michele told me to go to the doctor. She saved my life. I was diagnosed with lymphoma.”

“I wish I would have come here first instead of going for physical therapy. I had more range of motion when I left here in one treatment than in several months of treatment in physical therapy.”

“I have significantly less pain from fibromyalgia.”
Patricia P.

“This was the best deep tissue massage I ever had.”
Keith C.

“After my first session, I had more range of motion with my frozen shoulder. After several sessions, I had full range of motion.”
Alan H.

“I want to thank Katie for the wonderful massage she gave me…It was the first time I have been to your company and it is such a relaxing feeling there. This was the first massage I have had in 7 years and Katie did a fantastic job. Her massage treatment and mannerism were the best in the world. I finally had a good night’s sleep that I have not had for months…Please keep up the great work and thanks for being there when I needed you.”
Debbie O.

“Therapeutic Kneads is the most respected establishment in Eldersburg…Everyone is nice and respectful to the clients and willing to go the extra mile for those who need the comfort of relaxation and the best massage. You leave feeling a sense of being totally cared for and cared about. They put every ounce of caring and personal attention to each client’s needs. It is a place and people you can totally trust…When I leave here I feel renewed, refreshed and calm.”
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